Animals can be rejected by their mothers for various reasons. Whatever the reason, it is cruel because the baby animals are too weak and become the target of predators. So, it's heartbreaking to see that a little kitten was rejected and not protected by her mother.

This is the heartbreaking case of Sansa, a skinny little calico cat was found purring for her mother's love. Unfortunately her mother was not interested in her and she only focused on taking care of her larger kittens.

Because Sansa was not fed, it was just skin and bones but luckily a good-hearted man named Alan rescued her and decided to become her new father. When he met Sansa for the first time, he couldn't believe how thin she was.

Alan brought her home and raised the baby to a beautiful calico cat. The little feline was almost half his feet, could barely walk and just wanted to be loved.

After a few days in her new house, Sansa responded well to Alan and often cuddled him. It took only a few weeks for this beautiful cat to develop her size and personality. Thanks to Alan's love, Sansa is now getting bigger and stronger.

Alan knew she needed mother's love and attention, so he never felt lonely. He provided her with sufficient food, care and of course – hugs. Miracles happen, see how beautiful Sansa is now!