Baby animals are just as destructive as they are cute. Every pet owner must experience that their belongings have been destroyed by their pets at least once. Keep your pet out of sight for too long and you cannot predict what will happen.

Recently Pherwhirra Ramadhani from Indonesia got a taste of it …

Haryanto & s naughty 8 month old Kitty by his earphones, pulling the cable in two. The result was that Haryanto was not very happy. "I was very angry to see that my earphones were destroyed," he said. And that is understandable. No music, no Game of Thrones, nothing. Haryanto scolded the little beast and it quickly ran away.

After about an hour or so, Haryanto & # 39; s little friend came back. But not alone. The cat had a snake in its teeth. Maybe he knew he was doing something wrong and that he had to fix it. It could have received a new pair of earphones, but Haryanto did not complain. Haryanto was so shocked because he said that snakes are very rare in his area.

The surprise gift caught Haryanto completely on his guard. And although he could not replace the cable with the hose, it is the thought that counts.

People were seriously amused and impressed by the hunting skills of the kitty. Haryanto & # 39; s Facebook post on Kami Pecinta Kucing, an Indonesian Facebook page for cat lovers, has already collected almost 10K likes and it looks like it's just the beginning. Here is what people on the internet respond to the fools