We have seen many people suffer because they did not go to the doctor at the right time. here are indications that people usually ignore until it's too late and that's why we have collected some great photos from the internet.


Lumps are one of the most universal of all cancer symptoms. If you feel a lump that doesn't belong, have it checked out. Chunks can be found during your routine shower. Soap yourself down and spread your fingers over your body. If you can't find something in its place, don't panic. Some nodules are benign, but if a nodule has grown or changed, this can be a sign of cancer.


If you urinate more often, your body may be trying to alert you to a problem. Frequent urination is a symptom of some other health problems such as diabetes. If urinating is painful, this is a signal that something is wrong. Consult your doctor because prostate or bladder cancer are also warned by changes in urination.


One of the most overlooked symptoms of cancer are bowel changes. If you experience diarrhea and constipation, your body may warn you of a serious problem. Note the size of your stool. If you have persistent abdominal pain, you should visit your doctor.


Indigestion is a symptom of various health problems, but it can be a symptom of cancer. If you suffer from heartburn or pain after eating, your body may warn you about cancer of the upper digestive tract. Difficulty swallowing and constant stomach pain are additional signs. If you eat too much antacids, you may want to be checked out.


Ulcers that do not belong can easily be overlooked as possible cancer symptoms. However, skin cancer and mouth cancer are often diagnosed from the ulcers. Above all, ulcers on the genital area should not be overlooked. Cancer in the genital area is often diagnosed when a person has a sore spot.


If you are not on a diet and you lose, you may want to be checked for cancer. Cancer steals the nutrients and your body starts shedding pounds. If you lose more than 10 pounds of weight, you must really be seen by your doctor. Cancers that steal your weight include stomach, pancreas, lung or esophageal cancers.


If you do not pay attention to your body, you may not notice the weight loss or the frequency of digestion. If you follow these simple warning signs, you can save your life! Cancer affects all parts of the body and noticing subtle body changes can immediately be the difference between living and dying. Catching cancer early increases your chances of survival.


If you notice that you have a fever and you do not know why, this may be a sign that your body is fighting cancer. If cancer spreads into the body from the starting point, your body starts activating the fever warning. Cancer ensures that the immune system is broken down and infections invade. Fever is a sign of lymphoma or leukemia.


Fatigue is another cancer symptom that is often overlooked. Fatigue is common in people suffering from leukemia or other forms of blood cancer. Your body becomes exhausted if you also lose blood. Colon cancer causes blood loss and an early symptom of this specific cancer is fatigue. If you feel extremely tired, you may want to see a doctor.


Pain can be a symptom of cancer. If you hurt for no apparent reason, you must be checked out. If you are injured and hurt, this is a normal form of pain that will disappear in peace. If you constantly hurt and it doesn't go away, your body can warn you. Excessive headache, stomach pain or bone pain may indicate cancer. Pay attention to your body and listen to this warning sign by going to the doctor.