The Cat Memes never rejected us, because how nice are they. So then a huge jacked up feline known as & # 39; buff cat & # 39; gave himself a Twitter account, people took their chances to make new memes and the reaction was predictably hysterical.

Buff cat was first noticed on the streets of Montreal, Canada by a feline fan. His fan base has grown steadily to indicate that his official Twitter page has reached 17 thousands of followers. Although some people fear that buff dad may have some serious health problems, others have speculated that he has a rare genetic condition that causes some animals, usually cattle, to be double muscled & # 39; to become.

But unfortunately it looks like it has been missing for a few days. We all hope and pray that he will be fine and that he can be found again. The anonymous woman behind the Twitter account said she would be looking for old buffy again, crossed with the finger that he would come and play!

Let's now & # 39; Buffy & # 39; Meet.

And the internet smells of new new memes …


People don't have a chance to make funny comments about this special cat.