The structured, fluffy black cats on the internet were made by an artist named Kamwei Fong from Malaysia. He only uses a fine line pen for those drawings. The illustrations, a series called The Furry Thing, are the wonderful end product of a technique that requires a lot of skill and patience.

"I draw them by giving shadows with tons of small fur," – Kamwei said. "It is indeed a very time-consuming process. Small ones such as A3 can take a few days, large ones such as 25 × 37 inches can take a few weeks." The lines are varied in size and density to form volume and texture slowly, which results in a & # 39; hairy & # 39; look.

The cats are made in such a way that each has a unique, playful personality, which is proof of the ability of the Malaysian artist. Kamwei also uses this technique to create other animals such as monkeys, puppies and Bo the Goldfish. He illustrates under the name & # 39; Bo & Friends & # 39; and sells his prints on Etsy. They are absolutely fantastic gifts for those who love specific animals.