We have seen many amazing and up-close photos & videos about animals. here are close-ups of the animal world that are more useful than biology handbooks and that is why we have collected some fantastic photos from the internet.

1. The tail of an elephant looks like a worn brush.

2. This is what the front foot of a platypus looks like.

3. The foot of a bear is huge, especially compared to a human hand.

4. This is an embryo in an egg from a small spotted cat park.

5. The trunk of an elephant is a fusion of a nose and an upper lip. Some types of elephants have 2 finger-like protrusions on the ends of their tribes, while others have only one.

6. The name of the blue-footed booby speaks for itself. The legs of these birds have a rare bright color.

7. The surface of a cat's tongue is covered with small papillae, making it feel like sandpaper when it touches your skin.

8. This is an owl's ear. It is an opening in the head of an owl hidden behind feathers.

9. Cows have no upper teeth.

10. This is what the eyes of a predatory fly look like.