A rescue organization called Furry Nation Salvation received a message about a cat forced to live under unimaginable circumstances. The cat was locked up in a bird cage all her life. After hearing her situation, a rescue team came to the spot to check out.

When the team arrived on the spot, they quickly approached a small and dirty bird cage. The rescuers could not believe their eyes when they found a ginger cat covered with fleas that had no clean room to rest.

The team immediately picked her up and washed her to remove fleas. At first, she would only walk short distances and then sit down. She cannot walk or move very far because she has not been accustomed to freedom of wandering since she lived in a bird cage.

They brought her to a clinic so that she could get all the necessary treatments she needed. After being checked, the vet said the cat had bladder, upper respiratory tract and skin infections due to the environment in which she lived.

"When we got her home, she received a flea bath and received a dose of flea prevention," said Tonja Heer of Furry Nation Salvation. "While my 2-year-old was holding her while she was dry, she played very loudly, like the sound of a pigeon."

The rescued cat was called Holly Peppermint and received proper care from friendly helpers. She realized that she was finally safe and started to heal. Fortunately, a woman named Caril Whiting saw her story on Facebook and offered to adopt her.

It is four years since Holly was adopted and it is fortunate to say that she now has a great life and enjoys a life full of love. No longer an unnamed cat trapped in a bird cage, Holly has found the perfect home and the best friends she really deserves.