As you may agree with me, we cannot share the beautiful things in life for each other without the Internet. For me, cats are part of my life from my childhood to the present, even in the future.

Here are 20 photos that show why cats are so interesting.

# 1 Well, that is perhaps the best place in the park for this cat to rest.

# 2 Three cats with their three food bowls, but still disorder.

# 3 A kitten waits patiently for food. [19659002]

# 4 "Being a friend with you is the happiness of my life."

# 5 "Are you kidding me?"

# 6 "Only because you didn't teach me how to use it."

# 7 "I found out today that I can't have children, but it's fine because my cat is more cute than any baby I could ever have."

[19659002] # 8 "My video game plan may cancel because of you, all cats."

# 9 "Sandra, help me! Save me! There is a strange creature there!"

# 10 Who is that? Where is it from?

# 11 Chill out.

# 12 "Watch me, hooman!"

# 13 "I almost spent my life practicing his Kung Fu."

# 14 "That's why I say cats are liquid."

# 15 "Shut up! I'll kill you if you scream."

# 16 Cabbit.

# 17 Count Catula the vampire cat claims another victim.

19659002] # 18 "I'm hiding. You won't see me LOL."

# 19 Family Gene.

# 20 "We are in the same dream." [19659002]