The person who understands a cat owner is certainly another cat owner. Compared to other pets, cats are pretty good and if you've just got one, you're not the one who pushes the boundaries, friend. Your new cat becomes your new master and you must obey their will. Cody Stone Stowe made his cat Coral, the star of his cat comic series.

Now let's see if your life with your cat looks like these comics …

# 1

"In 2016, when I lived in my own house, I found it's time to get my first pet, "Cody said in an interview. "A cat was always ideal because it required little maintenance (only a little true). Coral was the first cat we had picked up, climbed on my back, scratched me out of hell and from that moment on she was me." [19659002] # 2

"I never knew that cats had such a sarcastic personality. They have so much appearance that reflects human that I get the thrill of seeing a cat. Slowly blinked flashing light. Eye on the side There was so much out there, and there was so much out of it. "

# 3

Cody started making comics in Coral the same year. "A colleague in the chicken coop that I was working on noticed how I wasted my drawing skills at work on the whiteboard." And that was enough to get him started. "Originally, I wanted to animate on YouTube, but that idea was true when the YouTube format moved quite well to make long-format video & # 39; s the only viable career. Of course I still wanted to animate, but I also wanted that it was a career I could live on, and the financially viable career just wasn't there for me, so I decided to try comics on Facebook, started with the WeFlaps page and just started placing comics. Copyright protection and it wasn't long before this was illustrated: after the summer, the page had somehow reached 15,000 page-like likes, and it had only grown from there. given a way to support me with a merchandise store and since then it has become a full-time job for me! "

# 4

"When I first started making comics, I had followed The Oatmeal comics by Matthew Inman. The humor was in my direction and it also revealed that comics don't have to be incredibly detailed or realistic. In fact, make it simpler can often add humor to the piece. My early comics reflect his style, but later I switched to more daring lines, a little more detail and color. I just got bored with the white blob characters. I have a consistent style for my audience and I enjoyed it. "

# 5

"For the future, I hope to expand the WeFlaps brand to include things outside of the cat comics. Comics with me as the main character, maybe getting into animation, Twitch streaming of sorts, and who knows what. Although I will still have the Coral comics because she is boundless inspiration. Even though I have had her for three years now, there are new surprises from her every week and I look forward to many more years of surprises. "

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