Every time you fail, you stand up and try harder next time. It seems that these two little cats keep that spirit too hard in mind that they are now trying to sneak into the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art, but unfortunately they are caught the moment they try to walk in the front door. Meet Ken Chan and Gosaku, the most stubborn feline there is.

It happened a few years ago when the art museum debuted with a show entitled "Cats – Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition." Just days after the opening of the exhibition, Ken Chan and Gosaku came as the most unusual visitors and created the best publicity for the event. However, the guard must keep them out.

The persistent cats keep coming back, eventually the staff in the museum started tweeting about Ken Chan and Gosaku, making them internet celebrities.

# 1 "Hmm .. this place seems nice."

# 2 "Huh why can't I come in?"

# 3 "Put me down man!"

# 4 "You can't stop me!"

# 5 "Okay maybe this time. But next time I'll be more careful."

# 6 "That black cat is so useless. Let me show my skills."

# 7 "Hello can I come in? I heard this is a very beautiful place. "

# 8" Eh do you steal me? "

# 9" Hmm I'm pissed off. "[19659002]

# 10" What is wrong with these people? "

# 11 "Sir, I am offering you a big deal. Just let me get in order?"

# 12 "He still says no." [19659002]

# 13 "This is a difficult mission." ]

# 14 "So you're not letting me in, are you?"

# 15 "Don't be so rude!" [1945918]

# 16 "I'm going to wait for my chance."

# 17 "Oh sh * t he is again."

# 18 "Oh come on, don't you feel sorry for this beautiful cat?"