Animals can brighten a person’s life by cheering them up and proving that we have so much in common with them. You’ll definitely be touched by how much their expressions resemble our own!

We at Bright Side want to share with you the most charismatic animals who turned out to be perfect meme material. Enjoy their uniqueness, and share the happiness with the whole world!

1. Spider

2. When you find your precious:

3. When your parents ask you to clean your apartment:

4. What do you mean I wasn’t picked to go to Hogwarts?

5. When you meet the girl of your dreams:

6. Just making sure there’s some food in it.

7. He knows how to take a cool photo

8. May the force be with you!

9. Or when you’re not talking to your honey but still want some attention:

10. These people make the world so much brighter.

11. When your mom picks your new outfit and keeps telling you how handsome you look:

12. The most valuable one



13. When your mom wakes you vs you 5 seconds later:

15. This is what reaching our goals should look like.

16. Nothing personal, but this bamboo is for only one of us.

17. Feel the vibes of ganglamb style.

18. Smile at the world, and the world will smile at you!

19. Boooooored…

20. Relax, I’m a koalafied driver.

Creatures are so clever when they look like individuals. Shouldn’t something be said about your pets or any creatures you’ve seen? We’re hanging tight for your accounts and photographs in the remarks!